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Candy Thermometers

Item #:21815

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Candy Thermometers

Digital Candy Thermometer, 9 in.
This thermometer has a digital dual progress display that shows both current and target temperature. Seven pre-programmed stages or an all-purpose temperature stage are used to set the target temperature. Beeps and flashes provide a pre-target alert and indicate when the target temperature is reached. Made of shatterproof, food safe ABS plastic with a stainless steel stem and adjustable pan clip. Other features include an auto-off function, handy pocket clip and protective sheath with temperature guide. Comes with two 1.5V alkaline batteries. Five year limited warranty. Range 14-450°F/-10-232°C. Stem 7.6 in. / 19.3 cm; overall 9 in. / 22.9 cm.

Analog Candy Thermometer, 8 in.
Non-mercury tempered glass thermometer is perfect for candy making, frying and other high temperature cooking needs. The dual scale numbers are easy to read. Includes an insulated pan clip, safety cap and protective storage sleeve with temperature chart. Lifetime warranty. Range 100-400°F/25-200°C. Overall 8 in. / 20.3 cm.

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