Test Tube Brushes

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Medical experts the world over strive to keep a clean, safe environment for themselves, their coworkers, and, most importantly, for patients coming to the office or pharmacy daily. To that end, Total Pharmacy Supply aims to provide healthcare workers with top-of-the-line cleaning products designed for medical apparatus you use regularly.

When it comes to cleaning test tubes, nothing but a high-quality test tube brush from Total Pharmacy Supply will suffice.

Our double fan tip brushes are affordable, quality, and waiting for you now!

How to Use

Properly using test tube brushes is simple. Using your chosen cleaning product — one safe for the work environment — and water, insert the test tube brush into any type of test tube, including narrow mouth glassware, and scrub carefully and methodically along the sides and bottom.

What’s Included

When you purchase test tube brushes from Total Pharmacy Supply, you’ll receive, in the box sent to your mailing address, the test tube brush you ordered.

We offer a large selection of test tube brush sizes, including ¾” diameter, 7/16” diameter, 1-⅜” diameter, and 2-⅜” diameter. We’ve found these sizes to be ideal for most test tubes on the market today and in use by healthcare professionals.