Topi-Pump® Adapters

Item #: 71916

$25.95 - $27.95

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Topi-Pump Filling Adapters

These adapters are designed to make filling Topi-Pumps as easy as possible, but they also work with tubes and other containers. They screw onto the end of luer lock syringes or Unguator® jars, extending the reach of the filling device closer to the bottom of the container and reducing the amount of air trapped in the product. Works well with airdynamic pump and jars. Sleek-Line adapters have a smaller diameter to fill narrower containers. Long adapters extend the filling device by approximately 4 in. / 10.2 cm; short adapters add 2 in. / 5.1 cm. Sleek-Line adapters have a .5 in. / 1.3 cm diameter; all others are .6 in. / 1.5 cm.