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Torbal Torsion Balance

Item #: 32132-60-S


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Torbal DRX-3 60 g x 6 mg Torsion Balance

The DRX-3 has long been the industry standard, especially when weighing small quantities. Rugged and dependable, the balance's accuracy and sensitivity are permanent and require no adjustment after initial setup. Unique one-piece construction protects the inner workings, resulting in a machine that requires little if any service. It meets NIST requirements for a Class III prescription balance and is NTEP approved. It has a 60 g capacity with 6 mg sensitivity.


  • Corrosion-resistant bands ensure constant torsion over a wide temperature range.
  • Magnetic damping speeds weighing by eliminating unnecessary swings of the pointer.
  • Polished stainless steel pans resist corrosion.
  • One piece metal case with overlapping plate glass top ensures protection against dust and seepage.
  • Spirit bubble and leveling screws facilitate quick and easy balance adjustment.
  • Deep plexiglass lid offers durable protection, good visibility and permits weighing with the lid down.
  • Dial features dual metric and apothecary graduations from 0.2-15 grains and 0.01 to 1 gram.
  • Use with Combination Weight Set (#32114 - sold separately)
Torbal DRX-3 Torsion Balance
Capacity60 g
Sensitivity0.03 gn / 2 mg
Sensitivity Requirement0.1 gn / 6.5 mg
Pan Size ø3.12 in. / 7.9 cm
Balance Size (W x D X H)11 x 6 x 8 in. / 28 x 15.2 x 20.3 cm
Balance Weight11 lb / 5 kg
Shipping Weight13 lb / 5.9 kg
Warranty1 Year