Exakt 50 Plus Pharma Ointment Mill

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Exakt 50 Plus Pharmacy Ointment Mill

Introducing the updated ointment mill from EXAKT designed to be the pinnacle of pharmacy performance – the EXAKT 50 PLUS. It operates at the highest standard for pharmacies. The newest EXAKT model offers even more features to guarantee best results in the pharmaceutical production of ointments, suspensions, or emulsions. Features:

  • One-handed adjustment of gap widths down to 10 μm guarantees excellent and reproducible product fineness.
  • Effortlessly set the roller speed using the user-friendly membrane touchpad, including performance display.
  • High-quality & durable porcelain rollers and the appealing stainless-steel exterior housing allow quick sanitary cleaning.
  • Highest safety standard: certified according to IEC 61010-1/-2.
  • Self-adjusting scraper system
  • Stepless adjustment of working width
  • No dry running possible
  • Scalable: Up to 5 l/h throughput* with a gap width of ten μm (theoretical throughput with low viscosity and max. power)

Footprint (w x d): 355 x 301 mm
Height: 364 mm
Weight base machine: 14 kg

Temperature Control:
Ambient temperature max.: 40°C

Electrical Connection:
Voltage / Frequency: 1 x 100 – 240 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Power: 200 W
Max. power consumption: 0,9 A
Fuse: 4 AT

For producing truly elegant preparations of creams, ointments, or gels there is no tool more effective or more complete than an ointment mill. Its three rollers enable fast and efficient blending. This mill breaks up powders as they are incorporated into a compound, resulting in smaller, uniform particles which deliver more chemical surface area. The adjustable gap between the rollers ensures uniform particle size, and in the process of reducing the particle size, dispersion and homogenization of the powder in the compound are enhanced.