NOVA-TECH® NT1 Cleanroom Wipers

Item #: 21127

$283.14 - $345.44

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NOVA-TECH™ Non-Woven Poly-Cellulose Cleanroom Wipes

NOVA-TECH™ cleanroom wipes are made from a hydroentangled non-woven material composed of 45% polyester and 55% cellulose. These wipes are manufactured in a cleanroom environment and cleanroom packaged.

Features and Benefits

  • Manufactured from poly-cellulose material providing a tough, absorbent and abrasion resistant product
  • Production process guarantees extremely low particle generation and chemical extractables
  • Compatible with virtually any solvent or solution for cleaning and wiping
  • Double bag packaging
  • Gamma irradiated sterile products available
  • Meets USP <797> and USP <800> wipe requirements
  • Provide lot-to-lot traceability
  • ISO Class 5-8
  • Class 100-100,000

Technical Data:
Basis Weight: 68 gsm
Thickness: 0.30 mm
- Sorptive Capacity: 288 mL/m2
- Sorptive Rate: 0.8 sec

Full Technical Data Sheet available upon request