MedStor Max Medical Storage

Item #: 31421

$3,846.05 - $16,423.20

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MedStor Max Medical Storage

For mobile or fixed storage, our versatile medical storage solutions provide high density and secure storage for valuable medical supplies used in surgical procedures. These med carts are designed around the most innovative modular tray system on the market and feature your choice of door style, lock, and more for security and ease of access.

  • Unmatched quality of construction — built to last using professional grade design and manufacturing for medical-grade applications
  • Engineered & Manufactured in the US
  • Largest selection of locking options in the industry including badge entry and WiFi-capable locks
  • Stacks flush with walls or other cabinets — we don’t use easily misplaced removable handles or bulky exterior hardware. Doors can swing up to 270 degrees, great for leaving cabinets open during busy days
  • Modular trays can be pulled out at an angle, and “clip-on” locking safety features help minimize the risk of falling trays
  • Improved, better refined aesthetics featuring sleek door handles and hinged doors
  • Features a true 24” interior cabinet depth able to store boxes two feet deep
  • Customize your cabinet with any combo of trays, baskets, shelves or accessories/packages
  • Interior side panels allow 47 insertion points within each column creating a system of multiple organization possibilities
  • Industry best 5” quiet rolling Tente® casters for superior mobility - 1 steering and 1 braking caster
  • For glass and solid door styles, optional dimming LED lights toggle on/off when the door is open, ideal for use in surgical areas for better procedural vision
  • 12-year limited manufacturer's warranty, 1-year limited warranty on any bought-out parts
  • Cabinet is delivered fully assembled

Half Height Two Column w/Doors or No Doors41"40"29"
Half Height Two Column w/Tambour Door45"40"29"
3/4 Height Two Column w/Doors or No Doors56"42"28"
3/4 Height Two Column w/Tambour Door60"42"28"
3/4 Height Three Column w/Doors or No Doors56"60"28"
3/4 Height Three Column w/Tambour Door60"64"29"
Full Height Single Slimline Column w/Doors or No Doors76"30"22"
Full Height Single Slimline Column w/Tambour Door81"32"21"
Full Height Single Column w/Doors or No Doors76"23"27"
Full Height Single Column w/Tambour Door76"28"30"
Full Height Double Column w/Doors or No Doors76"42"30"
Full Height Double Column w/Tambour Door81"42"30"
Full Height Triple Column w/Doors or No Doors81"60"28"
Full Height Triple Column w/Tambour Door81"60"28"
Full Height Quadruple Column w/Doors or No Doors78"82"30"
Full Height Quadruple Column w/Tambour Door81"84"30"

All features and descriptions are accurate, but actual cabinet may vary slightly from images in areas such as keypad placement or style. We have done our best to note any differences in the product images, but if you have any questions, please contact customer service at 800-878-2822.