ProFiller® 3600 3-Size Combo

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ProFiller® 3600 Hand-Held Capsule Filling Machines, 3 Size-combo

NOTE: A business license is required for the purchase of this product.

ProFiller 3600 is the only Inox (Stainless Steel 316) hand-held 300-hole filler that is dishwasher safe & can be used under a powder hood or in a glove box. The Change Parts and Orienter can also be used with the ProFiller 3700 bench-top filler for maximum flexibility.

This includes all the same items as the full capsule filling systems, but it comes with change parts in 3 different sizes of your choosing.

The Full Capsule Filling System with 3 Size Combo includes everything you need to fill your capsules:

  • Hand-Held Filler Base & Orienter Base
  • Change Parts for three capsule sizes
  • 60-pin Tamper
  • Locking Plate
  • Capsule Locker
  • Powder Tray
  • Powder Tray Clamps
  • Push Plate
  • Powder Spreaders
  • Measuring Bowls
  • Storage Boxes
  • Capsule Bins

Easier To Use

  • Higher Output – Up to 4500 to 6900 capsules/hour depending on powder, operator speed and number of taps/tamps
  • Easier to use than other 200 or 300 hole systems.
  • Indicator gauges to assist in capsule orientation, separation and locking.
  • Fits under powder hoods and in glove boxes.

Pharmacopoeia & GMP Compliant

  • Fill weights, USP/EP method within ± 1-3% of average.
  • All metal parts Inox (Stainless Steel 316) for less static and improved GMP.
  • Validation package available for cGMP compliance.
  • Works with all capsules including gelatin, vegetarian/HPMC and starch capsules.

Compatible with Bench-top Filler

  • The 3600 grows with your requirements. Get the 3700 Bench-top Filler for larger batches and use the same Change Parts and Orienter purchased for the 3600.
  • Continue to use the 3600 Filler Base for smaller batches or production under a powder hood or in a glove box.
  • Add a Vibrator at any time.

Higher Output

  • Fully lock capsules after filling, unlike most hand-held fillers, saving you time and frustration!
  • Inox (Stainless Steel 316) plates for reduced static.
  • Tamper size range optimized for higher fill weights & faster filling. Optional 300-pin Tamper.
  • Unique features include lightweight 2-piece Orienter, Orienter locater, Push Plate, and extra deep Powder Tray.

Faster Size Changes & Cleaning

  • Change capsule sizes in only 5 minutes. Change Parts available for Size 000-4 & 00el-2el.
  • All parts are dishwasher safe. Can be dried in a hot air oven or with a portable hair dryer.
  • Designed for fast disassembly & visual verification of cleaning.

Check out item 31017 for Additional accessories

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