Bottle Adapter Plugs

Item #: 71011

$2.95 - $4.95

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The idea of losing or ruining costly medications because you do not have a press in bottle adapter plug is unthinkable. But most medical offices and pharmacies do not have the proper equipment to seal an open bottle of medicine safely and securely to avoid losses and make drawing medication easier.

Total Pharmacy Supply offers a solution. We sell high-quality bottle adapter plugs designed to fit a broad selection of medication bottles. Our bottle adapters fit 20 mm, 24 mm, 28 mm, and 33 mm bottles of medicine.

How to Use

Using the press in bottle adapters from Total Pharmacy Supply is an absolute breeze. Simply take the adapter plug, press the plastic insert directly into the bottle opening, then insert an oral syringe to safely and easily draw medication from the inverted bottle.

With our bottle adapters, you can continue using the original bottle cap, which fits snugly over the bottle insert without any trouble.

What’s Included

When you buy bottle adapter plugs from Total Pharmacy Supply, you’ll receive the plug in the appropriate size you ordered right at your doorstep.

The plugs come in a single color but in numerous neck sizes, from 20 mm to 33 mm, and are designed to easily pop into the top of a liquid medication bottle with ease.