Cleanroom Swivel Casters

Item #: 31410

$78.90 - $85.20
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Cleanroom Casters

Cleanroom Casters create mobile shelving units that can be repositioned for cleaning or reconfiguration of storage areas. The high modulus thermoplastic wheel has flat, non-marking, resilient tread that dampens vibrations while providing superior rollability and a low noise level. The nickel horn has a dust cover to prevent dirt and debris from collecting in the swivel raceway. Celcon bearings require no lubrication and will not rust in wet applications. These casters offer excellent resistance to all common cleaners, solvents, oils and acids. Choose from Swivel or Swivel Brake Casters. The swivel casters provide greater maneuverability in tight spaces, while foot operated brake casters ensure that the unit remains in a fixed position when needed. Both have a 5 in. / 127 mm diameter wheel and include a 3.5 in. / 89 mm flexible polymer bumper to protect walls.

  • Stationary shelving units can hold up to 2000 lb / 907 kg of evenly distributed weight
  • Shelves less than or equal to 48 in. / 1219 mm long can hold up to 800 lb / 363 kg of evenly distributed weight each
  • Shelves 54 in. / 1370 mm and longer can hold up to 600 lbs / 272 kg evenly distributed
  • Mobile units can support up to 900 lbs / 408 kg