Our Difference

The Total Pharmacy Supply Difference

At Total Pharmacy Supply, we’re defined by what makes us different. Each and every one of the points that sets us apart from the competition represents a conscious choice to be different. We aren’t afraid to go the extra mile for our clients.

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One-Stop Shop

If you’re like a lot of pharmacy owners or techs, you probably have four or five different suppliers, which can be inefficient, costly, and unreliable. That’s where Total Pharmacy Supply comes in. We’re the only true one-stop shop in the industry, which means you can find chemicals, compounding supplies, equipment, home or long-term care supplies, retail supplies, prescription supplies, and much more under one digital roof. No one else can say that.

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Comprehensive Inventory

Whatever your needs are, we have multiple products to choose from that can keep your pharmacy running smoothly. If you don’t see something you need, simply reach out to one of our representatives. Chances are, we can help track it down. We believe that being a great partner to pharmacies means providing a varied selection of products, and we take that very seriously.

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Fast Delivery At A Moment’s Notice

No matter how far ahead you try to plan, emergencies always come up. On nearly all of our products, you’ll have the option for same-day or next-day shipping, so you won’t have to worry about running out of products or supplies again. We’re in the business of keeping your doors open, and we’ll take whatever steps necessary to do just that.

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Customer Service & Expert Support

Providing a large, varied selection of quality products is only half the battle. Everything we supply to our pharmacy customers is backed up by a customer service team that we’re truly proud of. We have licensed pharmacy techs on staff & on call to answer any technical questions, removing any of the guesswork from product ordering. We also have a generous return policy, and offer order tracking on each and every order. We believe that a well-informed client is the best client, and we promote transparency throughout the entire process.

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Competitive Pricing

You might assume that this selection and service comes with a hefty price tag, but it’s actually quite the opposite. Through our exclusive industry partnerships, we’re able to keep all of our prices competitive. We’re simply offering better products & better service, at a better price.

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Family Owned & Operated

Like many of our Independent Pharmacy customers, TPS is a family business. We do our very best to treat our customers and employees like family, and we know our customers can see the difference. The challenges small businesses face are similar, whether it's a pharmacy or a pharmacy supply company. Constrained space, rising expenses, costly compliance, we know firsthand what those problems mean. By working with us, you get a partner that understands the day-to-day pressures you face, and one that is eager to help develop creative solutions to make your business run better and make more money.