Memory Pac Cold-Seal System Blisters

Item #: 11016

$43.90 - $82.95

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Memory Pac® Cold-Seal System Blisters

Blisters for Memory Pac® Cold-Seal Cards

Blisters are sized:
Small (.25 in. / 6.3 mm deep)
Medium (.38 in / 1 cm deep)
Large (.50 in. / 1.3 cm deep)
Extra Large (.63 in. / 1.5 cm deep)

Memory Pac® from Apothecary Products, Inc. is the fastest and easiest cold-seal system available. The key is the patented sealing tray with alignment notches. Simply align the blister in the tray and fill. Then remove the card's protective liner and align card in tray with adhesive side down. Apply pressure over the entire card to seal and you're done!

  • Saves time over book-style cards.
  • Eliminates the cost of equipment.
  • Available in weekly or monthly configurations.
  • Clear blisters come in four sizes.
  • Patented tray helps reduce the risk of filling errors.

See items 11017 and 11018 for System Cards and Sealing Trays.