ProFiller 1100 Parts

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ProFiller 1100 Parts

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ProFiller 1100 Change Parts (Full Kits)

Faster Size Changes and Cleaning

Now, changing from one capsule size to another has never been easier. Thanks to ProFiller 1100 System's patented design no tools or adjustments are required to change capsule size.

  • Change capsule sizes in only two minutes.
  • Size changes are adjustment and tool free
  • All parts are dishwasher safe and can be dried in a hot air oven or with a portable hair dryer
  • Designed for fast disassembly and visual verification of cleaning
  • High GMP, all metal parts are Inox (316 stainless steel)
  • Change parts for one capsule size include:

    • Caps Tray
    • Body Sheet Set
    • Spacer Plate
    • Capsule Locker
    • Orienter Tray

    Tamper sold separately.

    ProFiller 1100 Change Sets (Plates Only)
    Continue production with a fresh set of Filler Change Parts while another set is being washed and dried. Includes:

    • Caps Tray
    • Body Sheet Set
    • Spacer Plate

    ProFiller 1100 Tampers
    ProFiller's tampers ensure faster filling and prevent powder bridging by packing powder into the capsule body, resulting in more even capsule fill weights. Made from stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. Available in 5-pin, 50-pin, and 100-pin tampers for various capsule sizes.

    Expedited delivery service may be available. Please call (800) 878-2822, option 5, for lead time and customer fees.