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Pharmacy-Lite Plastic Vials with Caps

Item #: 72617

$99.34 - $130.10

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Pharmacy-Lite Plastic Vials with Caps

Vials with Child Resistant Closures

These vials go head-on with the leading vial on the market. They are comparable in construction and quality - the only difference is the price. Compare for yourself.

  • Pharmacy-Lite vials are made of clarified amber polypropylene for increased transparency while meeting USP "light" and "tight" standards.
  • Smooth cap design features opening instructions imprinted in blue.
  • Caps are packed with vials in separate plastic bags.
  • 10% Non-Child Resistant caps are included in each case with additional quantities sold seperately.
  • Patented dispensing carton with "front panel" access saves space.
  • Works with automated dispensing systems that are configured to accept Owens-Illinois vials.

Vials with Non-Child Resistant Closures

Ensure easy opening for those customers requesting Non-Child Resistant closures. The friction fitting snap-on cap provides an effective moisture-vapor barrier. Packed with caps attached to vials, except 6 dram, which is packed with vials and caps in separate plastic bags. Clarified amber polypropylene.