Pill Counting Trays

Item #: 22512

$6.75 - $29.00

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Pill Counting Tray with SpatulaTeal blue. Available in Right-hand or Left-hand layout. Non-skid tabs on the bottom help prevent sliding on smooth surfaces. Graduated clear cover enables users to determine the appropriate bottle size at a glance. Includes a handy angled spatula. Overall dimensions: 6 x 8.

Pill Counting Tray and Cotton Pick/Spatula Combo

This configuration includes our popular 4.5 in. tapered counting spatula, which is constructed from high quality 420J2 stainless steel with a unique time-saving tool in the Rosewood handle. The tool facilitates the cutting of safety seals and the removal of cotton filler. Cotton pik tucks safely into the handle when not in use. Handle is notched for easy and fast opening/closing of pik.