Topi-CLICK® Metered Dose Topical Applicators

Item #: 71910


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Topi-Click® Measured Dose Applicators

These dispensers are easy to use and ideal for transdermal creams! Each quarter turn of the base dispenses approximately 0.25 ml of product, producing a "click" that is audible, visual and tactile. Helps increase dosing accuracy and compliance. Allows direct application without dispensing on hands. Minimizes accidental discharge in purse or pocket. Molded-in Refill Indicator facilitates timely reorders. Made of FDA sanctioned polypropylene with UV block. May not work well with some viscosity bases. Available in six colors to differentiate products. Includes protective cap.

New Innovative Features:

  • Easier removal of cover
    • Tab on cover cap edge: (when the cover is snapped on tightly after each use, the tab will help to remove it more easily for the next dose.)
  • Friendly Reminders of Instructions on bottom of turn-dial base.
    • Engraved Directional Arrow (for the new users)
    • Reminder to Turn Slowly (turning slowly helps to stop exactly on the click)
  • Helps improve compliance of topical treatments
  • Increased patient satisfaction from treatments
  • Easy to use for all types of patients including elderly, blind, and illiterate
  • Domed applicator pad for application without dispensing onto hands first
  • Distinguishable and elegant design that's unique from any other type of dispensing system
  • Easier to use and fill than oral dosing syringes
  • Six colors for differentiating creams
  • User friendly design can be operated in the dark and is almost impossible to discharge accidentally
  • Great alternative to pain pumps


  • UV block plastic protects the contents from UV rays
  • Applicable for dispense weights of approximately 5 g to 140 g of topical preparations (depending on base used)
  • Each click (1/4 turn of the bottom of the Topi-Click®) dispenses a metered amount of 0.25 ml
  • Audible, visual and tactile click registration for user recognition
  • A patient "Refill" reminder marking on the container facilitates more timely re-orders
  • Designed to resist accidental discharge in purse, pocket or luggage
  • Made of FDA medical-grade polypropylene plastic
  • One-time use only. Recycle Code is #5 (check with your State Board of Pharmacy to see if recycling of prescription drug containers is permitted)