Total Pump Airless Dispensers

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$0.95 - $1.25

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Total Pump Airless Dispensers

All bottles match all pumpheads, just pick one of each to create a complete unit!

An airless metered dose system that is accurate and affordable! Introducing Total Pump, our easy to fill, consumer friendly packaging option for creams, gels and pastes.

Each Total Pump system includes a bottle, metered actuator and over cap. The wider top fill design on all sizes guarantees quick, easy and accurate filling. Inside the bottle, a pre-installed reverse beveled piston ensures over 97% evacuation. There are no extra pieces to fit together or internal bags. Total Pumps are airtight and provide UV protection regardless of color or transparency. Components are built to the tightest tolerances to ensure a secure and tamper proof fit. All materials are FDA sanctioned for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications.

Our actuators are ergonomically designed to assist patients with debilitating conditions such as arthritis, peripheral neuropathy, muscular strains and fractures. The wider pump surface in combination with a slimmer bottle provides greater control without additional pain, resulting in easier use and increased compliance. Actuators have a robust valve system that dispenses the densest products with ease. They incorporate a stainless steel spring for more accurate and repetitive delivery than standard plastic actuators. A pre-installed valve nipple eliminates leaks, waste and spillage.

Total Pumps are available in 50, 75, 104 and 150 ml sizes with a 1.0 ml (±0.15ml) dosing capacity. Choose from translucent blue, opaque white, or clear/natural. Polypropylene/polyethylene.