TPS One-Piece Cold-Seal Medication Cards with Blisters

Item #: 11011


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31 Day One-Piece Cold-Seal TPS Medication Cards with Blister

An economical alternative to heat-seal cards, TPS One-Piece Cold-Seal Cards are both efficient and reliable. Blisters are attached to each card for quicker and easier handling and filling. They are ideal for STAT orders or for heat-sensitive medications. The coating on the card complies with FDA regulations for direct contact with food and drugs. Ideal for any size operation, and available as either "countdown" cards numbered 31 to 1 with a blue reorder strip in the last column, or numbered in a "calendar" style 1-31. The back of the card is also numbered to avoid mixups with ample room for labeling. 

*Note: 31 Day option has size Large blisters.