TPS One-Piece Cold-Seal Medication Cards with Blisters

Item #: 11011-31


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31 Day One-Piece Cold-Seal TPS Medication Cards with Blister

An economical alternative to heat-seal cards, TPS One-Piece Cold-Seal Cards are both efficient and reliable. Blisters are attached to each card for quicker and easier handling and filling. They are ideal for STAT orders or for heat-sensitive medications. The coating on the card complies with FDA regulations for direct contact with food and drugs. Ideal for any size operation, these "countdown" cards are numbered 31 to 1 with a blue reorder strip in the last column. The back of the card is also numbered to avoid mixups with ample room for labeling. The cards measure 9 x 6 in. / 22.9 x 15.2 cm.