UnoDose™ Metered-Dose Topical Applicators

Item #: 71918


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UnoDose Metered-Dose Applicators, 42 ml

The industry's first metered-dose applicator that doubles as a compounding container! From top to bottom and inside out, the UnoDose Metered-Dose Topical Applicator is designed to enhance provider efficiency and patient ease of use - all while keeping costs competitive.

Benefits to Providers:
  • In-container EMP machine compounding, no transfer required
  • Multiple exhit holes for reliable priming
  • Fast prime feature quickly removes air with no repetitive motion, saving time and labor
  • Open, screw-free chamber for easy filling
  • Disposable EMP mixing paddles for fast cleanup

Benefits to Patients:
  • Allows cream application without hand contact
  • Convex, five hole cap for uniform topical application
  • Audible, tactile, and visual metered dose indicators for accurate dosing
  • Locking cover secures against accidental spills
  • Clearly visible reorder indicator

  • Dose size: 0.25 ml per click (quarter turn of dosing knob)
  • Maximum usable volume: 42 ml
  • Residual volume 1.5 ml
  • Medicament contacting materials: polyolefins free of phthalates and bisphenol A (BPA)
  • UV Protection: UV-inhibiting materials used for the medicament container
  • Registered as an FDA Class I Medical Device