Cleanroom Tacky Disposable Mats

Item #: 21120

$95.50 - $113.75

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Clean Room Tacky Mats, 4-pack

Clean room, or tacky, mats are made from thin sheets of adhesive coated polyethylene film. The sheets are stacked on top of each other then cut and glued at one end to form a "pad". The sticky surface removes particulates from shoes and cart wheels upon entry into the clean room, but it won't transfer to other objects so the layers stay in place to prevent tripping. An adhesive backing secures mats to the floor. Mats are treated with an anti-microbial agent and edges are left unbeveled to ensure that each sheet is contaminate free. There are 30 numbered, peel-off sheets per mat for quick and easy maintenance. Each mat is clean room bagged and packaged with four mats per case. White. Available in 18 x 36 in. or 24 x 36 in. sizes.

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