Tape Dispensers

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Tape Dispensers

Tape Guns

These Tape Guns with a Pistol Grip are side loading hand held tape dispensers. The "Pistol Grip" on this tape gun is another bonus to benefit the ergonomics of the user. Adjustable tension knob helps in controlling force of tape and speed or roll out. The blade on these Tape guns are serrated stainless steel single sided industrial metal tape gun blade.

2" tape guns can handle 2" wide packing tape on rolls with 3" cores.
3" tape guns can handle 3" wide packing tape on rolls with 3" cores.
All guns can handle rolls up to 5.5" in diamter.

Replacement Blades

If you find your tape gun not performing as well as it used to, consider replacing the blade instead of the whole tape gun. The blade is very simple to replace. Just loosen the 2 screws, properly discard of the old dull blade and insert the new two inch blade, tighten down screws and away you go. Easier than acquiring a new 2 Inch Tape Gun and a lot cheaper. Two and three inch replacement blades available

Multi-Roll Dispensers

The Multi Roll Dispensers have a heavy duty steel construction and a plastic spool for tape on a 3 inch core. The Dispensers fit tape with a width of either 2 or 3 inch and below (depending on whether you pick a 2" or 3" dispenser respectively), and have a serrated blade to cut the tape cleanly.