Adapta-Cap™ Bottle Adapters

Item #: 71010


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Adapta-Cap Bottle Adaptors

This threaded cap with thethered closure converts a standard prescription of mafacturer's bottle into a filling device for oral syringes. Sizes are based on the outside neck diameter of the bottle including threads. Caps designated as Long are for longer necked bottles that have multiple threads. Latex free. Blue LDPE.

Adaptor Neck Sizes:

  • Size A, 18 mm
  • Size B, 20 mm
  • Size C, 22 mm
  • Size D, 24 mm Short
  • Size E, 28 mm Short
  • Size F, 28 mm Long
  • Size G, 33 mm Short
  • Size H, 33 mm Long
  • Size K, 28 mm
  • Size M, 24 mm