Ointment Tubes

Item #: 72510

$5.70 - $100.00

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Ointment Tubes

Aluminum Ointment Tubes

Have a sealed orifice and white Fez cap that, when inverted, easily punctures the seal. The 0.125 oz size has an ophthalmic tip. The 0.5, 1, 2 and 4 oz tubes (sold separately) have a #16 neck.

Exterior: White enamel.
Liner: None.

Plastic Ointment Tubes

Lightweight yet durable to withstand squeezing and folding without developing cracks or leaks. The 0.5 oz tube has an ophthalmic tip. 2 & 4 oz tubes have a #16 neck. Ribbed screw on caps. Heat seal to close. Made from FDA compliant LDPE. Use with Tube Sealer.

Exterior: White.
Liner: None.